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To kick off the new year, I felt the need to write a post on the new direction Black Velvet will be heading. It’s been awhile since my last blog post, and, to be completely honest, 2017 was a tough one. Due to personal and financial hardship, I almost gave up on Black Velvet.

But then I remembered, that’s not my style.

Despite the pitfalls of life and struggles with my health, I began a journey of recovery, healing, and self-discovery. As my personal journey towards wellness continued, I regained momentum and noticed I wanted to make sure the values I believed in were also reflected in everything I do, including my passion project and brand, Black Velvet.


My vision has always been to grow Black Velvet into a badass, minimalist, luxury, fashion lifestyle brand (that’s a lot of adjectives, but it's necessary). Black Velvet is my baby and it truly is a representation of who I am. So, when you say you get my brand, it’s like you get me.

With that said, I still want to pause and really think about where I want this brand to go. I'm in the process of restructuring Black Velvet and figuring out how I want to take it from here.

In the spirit of minimalism, I feel the need to scale back and narrow my focus. I may expand into new product areas while pulling back on others, or I might stop selling products all together and just focus on blogging and curating. It all depends on my resources and making the best of what I have to work with. Although, truth be told, I am a creative at heart and giving up making things by hand will be difficult for me to part with as I feel that's what makes Black Velvet unique.

We’ll see where this year will take me. But other than structure and aesthetics, I wanted to dig a little deeper.



My love for minimalism as a lifestyle lead me to discovering the philosophy of Essentialism — the disciplined pursuit of less. I truly believe in essentialism as the bigger picture to minimalism where living a happy healthy balanced lifestyle can be achieved by only focusing on what is essential.

My personal journey towards overall wellness and compassion for animals lead me to exploring and adopting Veganism. While transitioning to a healthy whole food plant-based diet, I learned that veganism extends far beyond just taking a stand against animal cruelty in what we eat, but also in the clothes and accessories we wear, the skincare and beauty products we use, and much more. These choices impact the environment and the people who also suffer from it. As I found myself becoming more health and environmentally conscious, it made sense that my brand should evolve as well and reflect these values I stand for.

This is why I’ve decided to transition Black Velvet into a luxury vegan, cruelty-free, lifestyle fashion brand.

My fashion accessories were never made with animal products, but I must be more aware of where my materials are sourced and make sure they are ethically produced, eco-friendly, and non-toxic.

I’m also going to be more mindful with which brands I promote on my social channels and blog while seeking collaborations with similar vegan lifestyle companies.

In the meantime, if I’m unsure of whether the products in a “style inspiration” post are vegan-friendly, I will tag the post with #styleinspoonly. Eventually I’ll exclusively only promote vegan-friendly style inspirations as I find more and more brands with my sense of style.

So, if you’re out there, please reach out! Together we can be a unified voice in an industry that needs change.

I invite you to join me on my journey. Follow me at @blackvelvetstyle #wecandothis #veganisthefuture #ethicalfashion #veganminimalist #positivechange