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“Wear what you want, and stare down the fools.” - James Dean.

You know me. Usually anything black, leather, and rebellious make my day - and not just in womenswear. I'm very excited to share a Q&A session with my friend Matthew Bragonier about his newly anticipated menswear line Tiger Saint. Tiger Saint will be hitting the runways this fall. Awesome stuff to come, so be sure to follow Matt @thetigersaint

What is your inspiration behind Tiger Saint?
My inspiration for Tiger Saint originated from having trouble finding what I wanted to wear personally as a guy that is everything I am into. I wanted to capture the ruggedness, yet simplicity of the rebellious undertones alongside my favorite things. You will find it’s a combination of biker, badass, and early western all combined with the 1970’s rockstars. I’m obsessed with leather, denim, and more leather!

How would you describe Tiger Saint and what makes it unique? Who would wear it?
Tiger Saint is a menswear brand that is it’s own in a sense. I’ve been inspired by many throughout my time but seem to never follow anyones lead. That is usually just by coincidence if someone is dressed similar. It’s a dark, bruiting, and mysterious style that i’ve conjured up. I’m starting to see people dress to those aspects out there, and that’s awesome! I’m just putting a name to the combination and hopefully give them a single place to find all of it. I wanted to create cool clothes that I would wear and know others are out there looking for too. I thought to myself, “why not just create the cool shit I would want to wear, and I’m sure someone will like it too.”

Who are your favorite designers / influences?
I aspire designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Mike Amiri, who both capture an essence of my aesthetic. However, I wanted to capture the ruggedness, yet simplicity of the rebellious undertones alongside my favorite things. Jimi Hendrix and legends like Steven Tyler have always left impressions on me, and with all of the black you will start to see more complex retro patterns and florals soon to be integrated with the minimalistic black and gray tones of what is my brand.