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Geometric grids and shapes have always intrigued me; they often speak to me more so than other traditional organic forms. 

Originally from the east coast, I’ve seen and experienced a lot in my travels in the forms of different people, places of interest, cultures, and weather—but here in Los Angeles, the weather is a different thing entirely. I heard California was sunny, but I didn’t realize until moving here just how much sun there really is. So much sun, in fact, that I often forget about the seasons altogether.  

Truth be told, I miss the seasons. Fall is on the way, as is winter, but they are imposters. I miss the rain, the snow (although I do not miss the cold), and I miss all the little changes that the seasons bring. I suppose this is what this art piece is all about: peering out through a window and seeing those leafless branches with their many limbs and forks while the weather turns. This piece represents that moment where memory and imagination come together to remind us that in some places, the Sun is fair and willing to let the world change.